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VoIP is the new ”in” word for the telecom industry.  It is splattered in current business and technical journals with glowing testimonials.  What is VoIP?   VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  Instead of requiring a separate voice network to carry telephone traffic, VoIP allows telephone traffic to converge with data traffic using the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network to carry both voice and data traffic.   







Whereas traditional telephone traffic established dedicated end-to-end circuits, data traffic were “broadcast” over universal paths in intelligent packets to their intended destination in proper order and priority.  The difference between telephone’s “circuit switching” and data’s “packet switching” is further exposed in the difference between communicating over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Internet. 

Some Benefits of VoIP:

  • Ease of management: Instead of managing separate voice and data networks, management of only a single unified network is required.

  • Cost Savings:  Savings of up to 75% of the monthly recurring telecommunications expense by combining voice and data network.

  • Increase features and functions: VoIP can deliver enhanced and all standard telephone features and functions to the remote locations without additional cost 

Recognizing the obvious economic advantage packet switching technology has over circuit switching, telecom technology strived to transform voice signals to packetized data signals for use over the Internet network.  Current state-of-the-art has various Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system vendors offering systems using adopted and de facto standards with varying degrees of operability, compatibility, flexibility, and reliability.  The choice of which vendor’s system to implement would depend on:

  • Individually assessed needs and quality of service

  • Existing systems and facilities in place

  • Future requirements

  • Vendor presence and support

  • Economic feasibility 

Computer Assurance, Inc., a leading Hawaii telecom consulting company, has the experience and ability to conduct a thorough Risk and Needs Assessment to present what one needs to know to determine the technical and economic feasibility of enhancing or replacing your existing telecommunications system or network.  We are familiar with the changing telecom technologies, locally available facilities, and the local vendor-support capabilities.   

We can often save you more than the cost of our service alone.  So why not contract us today?  If you are interested in what we can do for your telecom needs, please contact: 

Ricky Chow: Email: ricky@computerassurance.com

Richard Ichikawa: Email: richard@computerassurance.com

Carlos T. San Agustin: Email: carlos@computerassurance.com


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