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System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)



We use the world wide System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) standard for business problem solving and solution.
1. Analyze and Assess Client’s Needs
  • Voice (Telephone)
  • Data & Information Systems
  • Video
  • Network & Network Security
  • Projections
2. Design Systems
  • Adherence to System Requirements
  • Redundancy & Reliability
  • System Control & Maintainability
  • Minimum Down Time Implementation
  • Integrated Systems Networking
  • Current & Emerging Technologies
3. Engineering Specifications
  • Clear and Detailed Specifications addressing Client-Approved Plan
  • Applicable Rules, Regulations and Indus-try-approved Standards
  • Requirements for Documentation, Schedules, Installation, Level of Technicians, Training, Repair, Maintenance, Presence, Warranty, Service Response, and Acceptance
4. Procurement
  • Competitive or Negotiated Process handled with efficiency and integrity
  • Long History of Fair and Professional Arms Length relationship with Vendors
  • Maintain Client’s Best Interests
5. Implementation and Ongoing Support
  • Negotiate and Coordinate Client and Contractor change requests
  • Monitor Implementation process for compliance with specifications and industry standards
  • Provide Ongoing Client support to accommodate necessary changes in operations and technology


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